The Message of Secretary General of the Afghan National Commission for UNESCO & ISESCO on the Occasion of Commencement of Dissemination Activities:

Whereas the Afghan National Commission for UNESCO & ISESCO ( ANCUI ) that has a legal entity, as a unique authorized central office for action, is responsible for the implementation of UNESCO Educational and Cultural programs for Afghanistan. In order to disseminate and reflect the fruitful services of the ANCUI, through a publication, a decision was made by the National Commission to establish a Brochure in which the entire activities that are being done by the National Commission would be published and reflected for the awareness of public so that people of Afghanistan will know and understand the usefulness and importance of these activities in a real broad sense. Social media will also be expected to contribute to the broadcasting of the ANCUI activities through their own TV and Radio channels.

The Afghan National Commission for UNESCO & ISESCO requests and wishes all Educational, Scientific, Cultural, Civil Societies, National and International Institutions to express their views, opinions and valuable suggestions regarding the enrichment and development of ANCUI Brochure and we are confident that these expressed suggestions will certainly help us in this regard.

Publishing ANCUI activities via a Brochure without doubt will assist the ANCUI to reach its strategic objectives that are specified and determined by the Leadership of the Ministry of Education.

After printing and distributing this Brochure, to the readers, throughout the country they will judge about the efficiency and fruitfulness of these academic efforts and activities.

Finally, the leadership of the MoE congratulates the whole National and International foundations throughout the world on the publishment of this Brochure.

With best regards


Mohammad Shakir Habibyar

Secretary General