Biography of Mohammad Shakir Habibyar, Secretary General of the Afghanistan National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO

Mohammad Shakir Habibyar son of Dr. Habiburrahman Habibyar is born in Sayed Abad District of Wardak province, in 1987 in an educated and cultural family. He has completed his Primary and Secondary education in Sayed Abad high school in 2003. He pursued his higher education in the field of Computer Science and obtained BCS Degree in 2007 from Kabul Education University (KEU). Mr. Habibyar, part-time studied Computer Networking at CISCO American Networking Academy and certified in 2008.

On January, 2008 after completing higher education, Mr. Habibyar employed as Networking Officer in the Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministers Secretariat at presidential palace. At the outset of 2009, he has appointed as Head of ICT Department of the Office of State Minister for Parliamentary and served that office for 6 months.

In July 2009 Mr. Habibyar joined the Ministry of Education (MoE) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the capacity of Technical Assistant. While serving MoE, he  got scholarship opportunity and went to Paris, admitted at the International Institute for Educational Planning and Management of UNESCO (IIEP). In July 2011 after undertaking a comprehensive research under the title of (Inequalities in Access and Participation in Education: A Study of Girls Enrolment in Primary Education in Afghanistan) and receiving Master Degree in the field of Educational Planning and Management, he returned to Afghanistan and resumed his service at MoE, first as "Assistant to Minister in Planning and Policy" and then as "Monitoring & Reporting Senior Specialist and Assistant to Minister".

Since July 2015, Mr. Habibyar is serving in the capacity of Secretary General of the Afghan National Commission  for UNESCO and ISESCO (ANCUI).

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Habibyar has 3 authorships and he has written about 20 educational and social articles which are published through the Afghan media outlets. Furthermore, he has participated in 25 international conferences and events majority of which were hosted by UNESCO in the field of education and training.

 In recognition of performing good services and achievements, Mr. Habibyar is awarded with 3 first-grade Appreciation Letters and 1  Medal of Ghazi Mir Bacha Khan by the Office of President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.