Afghanistan was awarded membership into the GPE in March, 2011. The membership has been a great source of national pride and seen as a critical milestone in the development of education sector in Afghanistan. It represents a significant international endorsement of educational the plans of the Ministry of Education to achieve the goals of Education of All (EFA) and vote of confidence in its capacity to successfully execute those plans.

Afghanistan’s GPE program covers three years (2012-2015) then in end of 2015, it was extended till 2017. It is designed to provide maximum impact on the system as a whole, creating a catalytic effect on major Education Interim Plan (EIP) programs, including other donor-supported interventions. The EIP was officially endorsed in March, 2011 by the Local Donor Group (LDG) led by Canada, Denmark, USAID and Sweden, which led to subsequent endorsement by over 16 local donors and civil society organizations, as a result of which Afghanistan became the then 44th member of the GPE.

Afghanistan was also awarded the membership into the GPE Board of Directors in December, 2011 as alternate member, and then promoted as member in January 2013. H.E. the Minister of Education is representing the Eastern Europe, Middle East and Central Asia Constituency of the Board.