Global Achievments

1- Primary school Enrolment

Since 2003 GPE partners have helped to get nearly 22 million more children in school, including 10 million girls.

2- Literacy
The literacy rates for youth between 15 and 24 years old in GPE-endorsed countries increased from 77% in 2000-03 to 81% in 2007-10. This rate has grown more rapidly in conflict-affected GPE countries, from 56 to 69%.

3- Girls’ Education
In 2011, 72% of girls in GPE countries finished primary school compared to 55% in 2002.

4- Teachers

Since 2004 GPE has contributed to train about 300,000 teachers.

5- Classrooms
Since 2004, GPE has contributed to build, rehabilitate and equip close to 53,000 classrooms.

6- Textbooks
Since 2004, the GPE Fund has been used to purchase and distribute about 50 million textbooks.

7- Primary School Completion

The primary school completion rate in GPE partner developing countries has increased from 61% in 2002 to 75% in 2011.

8- External Financing

GPE has allocated US$3.7 billion in grants to education between 2003 and 2013.

9- Gender Parity

In 2011, 20 GPE partner developing countries have achieved gender parity in enrollments, or have more girls than boys in school.

10- Domestic Financing

On average, domestic financing for education as a share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in partner developing countries increased by 10 percent after they joined the partnership.

Afghanistan: Supporting Education in a Post-conflict Country (Success Story)


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