History of the Global partnership for Education

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE), formerly known as Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA-FTI) was established in 2002. The Global Partnership – made up of 59 developing countries, prominent multilateral partners (UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank), civil society organizations, local education groups and the private sector provides funding to support the development and implementation of high-quality education sector plans in the world’s poorest countries. The Global Partnership for Education is the only multilateral partnership devoted to getting all children into school for a quality education in the world’s poorest countries.

Global Partnership for Education supports partners address barriers faced by out-of-school children, helping them to build safe and accessible schools where they can learn and reach their potential. GPE’s innovative approach aims to empower developing countries so they can assess their education priorities and better invest in the future of their children. To support the development of innovative solutions and improve education results GPE develop best communication practices and share knowledge among all partners.

Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Strategy

GPE Mission

To galvanize and coordinate a global effort to deliver a good quality education to all girls and boys, prioritizing the poorest and most vulnerable.

GPE Vision

A good quality education for all children, everywhere, so they fulfill their potential and contribute to their societies.

GPE Objectives

  • Support fragile and conflict-affected states to develop and implement their education plans.
  • Promoting girls high education in GPE-endorsed countries.
  • Increasing basic numeracy and literacy skills in primary school.
  • Improving teacher effectiveness by training, recruiting and retaining and supporting them to provide a good quality education.
  • Expanding funding and support to education in GPE countries.


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