Technical Working Groups


A viable number of HRDB technical working groups and taskforces have been established by the Steering Committee based on current needs. HRDB working groups will address issues that affect all program areas of the national education sector strategy and national strategic plans of the relevant ministries.  Where cross cutting issues arise that involve more than one of the working groups a new working group will be established.

Following six technical working groups have been established to work under the HRDB on concerned issues and provide policy recommendations to the HRDB Steering Committee on regular basis. The chair of each group would be a Deputy Minister or their designate:

1.    Higher Education Technical Working Group
2.    General and Islamic Education Technical Working Group
3.    Curriculum Development and Teacher Education Technical Working Group
4.    Technical and Vocational Education Technical Working Group
5.    Literacy Education Technical Working Group
6.    Education Management Technical Working

The board will cover the cross cutting issues through formation of two taskforces: 1) Employment Support/Bridging and 2) Gender Mainstreaming Task Force

Role of the HRDB Working Groups/Taskforces:

•    Identify issues and concerns in areas including policy, programming, funding, alignment and coordination
•    Working with the Secretariat, gather information on best practices
•    Propose solutions and/or strategies which could include:
o    Recommend research and/or studies to support program areas of concerned ministries national strategic plans  
o    Recommend training programs for concerned ministries and development partner staff
•         Identify current resources in place and analyze funding needs
•         Make policy recommendations


Members of the HRDB represent the Ministry of Education (MoE) and relevant government ministries (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Labor Social Martyrs and Disabled, Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Ministry of Finance), the development partners, donors, implementing agencies, non-governmental organizations, civil society groups and other stakeholders in the Education Sector in Afghanistan.