Our Vision for 2020

In accordance with the Afghanistan Constitution, MDG and EFA goals, the Ministry of Education is committed to ensure that by 2020 all school-aged boys and girls will complete primary grades. In brief, the Ministry of Education aims to achieve the below targets:

  • 14 million students including 6.5 million girls will be enrolled in 22,000 schools, taught by 486,000 teachers (50% female).
  • The number of TTCs will remain 42 and the number of TTRCs will reach 364, enrolling about 1624, 78 students per year. As a result, 100% of the teachers of the country will have at least 14th grade education.
  • 320,000 students will be taught by 48,000 professional teachers in 550 technical and vocational schools.
  • There will be 470,000 students acquiring Islamic Education in about 1193 Islamic Education Centers across the country through 14,000 teachers (50 % female).
  • One million new literates (60% female) will be produced through 40,000 literacy courses and 20,000 teachers every year. The total number of people to achieve literacy by 2020 will reach 8 million.
  • 100% of schools will have useable buildings and conducive environments.
  • A national Institute of Curriculum Development will be operational. A set of quality textbooks will be provided to students every three years.
  • Education system will be more balanced and gender and regional disparity will be brought to an absolute minimum.
  • Education content and delivery will be tuned to address national development priorities.
  • All Teachers and staff of MoE will be reformed through pay & grade system by 2012 and living conditions of teachers will be further improved through distribution of land to those teachers who do not have their own housing.
  • Integration of technical and vocational education into general and Islamic schools.