Annual Operational Plans for 1390

National Education Interim Plan - (1390-1392/2011-2013)

The National Education Interim Plan (1390-1392/2011-2013) (NEIP) has been developed on the basis of the overall education development policies, objectives and priority programs of  Ministry of Education and based on the base/low case scenario of the NESP II (1389-1393/2010-2014). The main objectives of the formulation of the NEIP are to prepare a sound and feasible development policies and implementation strategies for MoE development programs, and to be submitted to the FTI Secretariat to facilitate the partnership of the MoE to EFA FTI. This plan is structured around 5 main priority programs and 9 sub-programs which have formed the NESP II.

National Education Interim Plan (1390-1392/2011-2013)


Schools Construction Plan - 1390


National Annul Operational Plan1390

Administration Reforme
Islamic Education
General Education