Program Director


The Program Director (PMD will support the Deputy Minister of TVET and the AWDP Management Support Team (MST) with program implementation. S/he is expected to play a lead role in the design and implementation of program management tasks (i.e., work plan, contracts, procurement, M&E plan, budgeting, preparation of RFPs and others as needed) related to implementation of AWDP on-budget mechanism. In support of the overall program, s/he will provide technical leadership in programming, targeting, and oversight of on-budget contracting process, award, implementation and monitoring.


The PD will be responsible for all operations including but not limited to programs, M&E,finance, administration, logistics, procurement, as well as programmatic and administrative functions. These include:


  • Supervise all consultants hired by DM-TVET for AWDP implementation;
  • Represent AWDP to external audiences and maintain AWDP reputation in Afghanistan.
  • Support the MST to design activity plans that meet the needs of the beneficiary population and address USAID approved project deliverables.
  • Exercise technical oversight of approved work plans.
  • Liaise with service providers, industry partners and other project stakeholders to coordinate project participation in line with project outcomes.


  • Supervise the daily financial operations of the project, which include cash flow management, time sheet recording, and financial reporting to USAID, Ministry of Finance of the Government of Afghanistan and daily monitoring of obligations, budgets, and expenditures.
  • Assume oversight responsibility for asset management and maintenance.
  • Provide support preparing and submitting narrative and financial reports to Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and USAID.
  • Promote staff management skills and capacity with regard to professional development, workforce development programs and U.S. government regulations and policies.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Deputy Minister of TVET.
  • This position will report to the Deputy Minister of TVET.

Job requirement


Master’s Degree in economics, business, international development, public-administration, or another relevant field or a Bachelor’s Degree and 5 additional years of experience in the above areas; at least 10 years of experience in project management andgrants or contracts administration, or other relevant experience.Strong operational management experience including Government of Afghanistan procurement law, internal control and procurement systems; possess strategic thinking ability; excellent oral and written communication, analytical skills, ability to work efficiently and quickly under pressure; prior experience with USAID projects, procedures, policies and reporting requirements; prior experience in TVET workforce development preferred; fluency in English required.

Other Skills:

 1. Information management skills (Word processing and spreadsheet application skills);

 2. Demonstrated interpersonal and team work skills;

 3. Experience managing the finances for a project of similar size;

 4. Experience with USAID policies and procedures

5. Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills;