International Result-based Monitoring & Reporting Advisor


The World Bank (ARTF) supported Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) of the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan aims to increase equitable access to quality basic education especially for girls through school grants, teacher training and strengthened institutional capacity with the support from communities and private providers. In order for systematic and regular tracking of programme performance and therefore economic return of the investment, the Ministry is willing to establish a monitoring unit at the EQUIP Coordination Office that will be responsible for the two main tasks: (1) result-based monitoring, data analysis and reporting on programme performance and (2) new knowledge generation through undertaking issue based studies and research for programme learning and improvement. The findings of monitoring, study and research will be instrumental for project management and policy guidance to the leadership.

The international adviser will support the Ministry/the EQUIP Director in setting up a functional Monitoring Unit at EQUIP Coordination Office. S/he will be responsible for developing the Indicator Reporting System incl. guidelines and training of counterpart staff in using the system. S/he will also guide and support in result-based monitoring, conducting study and research, data analysis and reporting. The detailed roles and responsibilities of the TA will be assisting and supporting in the follows tasks:

  1. Setting up the Unit with qualified staff in place, which will include writing of the TORs and assisting in recruitment to ensure that qualified staff with right skills and experiences are hired for the positions;
  2. Establishing an effective institutional mechanism for coordination, communication and data sharing with the relevant MoE departments and Units in achieving the objectives.
  3. Prepare a roster of individual consultants and/or consulting firms/NGOs experienced in conducting survey, issue-based study and social science research.
  4. Preparing a chart of activities with deliverables for a given timeframe for the Unit and achieving the target and deliverables by working closely with the Unit team, and coordinating with relevant departments and Units.
  5. Establishing indicator tracking system which will include identification of data need, data source, frequency of data collection and indicator update and reporting including guidelines.
  6. Data analysis and tracking of the outputs and outcomes and reporting to the Bank on key indicators on a timely basis (such as ISR and RF reporting).
  7. Identifying studies and research in consultation with the Units and Departments, and designing the survey, study and research, assisting in hiring of the consulting firm and conducting, data analysis and report writing with the assistance of the consulting firms hired for the assignment.
  8. Assisting in and supporting through the capacity building and skills development efforts of the M&E team and core group in result-based monitoring, data analysis and results reporting. 
  9. In doing so, s/he will conduct training need assessment to identify the skills needed, commence training plan and offer in-house and on-the job training, mentoring and coaching to transfer skills and knowledge, and in parallel, establish linkage with the service providers and training institutes abroad including World Bank Institute in arranging the training and scholarships.  

In a nutshell, s/he will lead, support and guide technically the M&E team, consultants and core group of the EQUIP units/MoE relevant departments across the Unit tasks and activities, contribute to building sustainable skills and capacity within the MoE departments and the Monitoring Unit through transfer of skills and knowledge among the counterparts, and provide policy and strategic guidance to the EQUIP Director and the MoE leadership.

Required Qualifications &Experiences

  • A minimum degree of four years Bachelor in Economics or Engineering with a strong background in database management, data analysis and result-based monitoring and reporting will be desirable. Candidate holding one year master or two years postgraduate Diploma degree in any social science with the required skills and experiences will be given preference;
  • Relevant experience should not be less than 10 years, and experience in education sector programme and infrastructure projects will be preferable.
  • Sound knowledge and past experiences in monitoring and reporting of the World Bank or any other donor funded education program will be an advantage.
  • Experience in working with government and familiarity with government systems in the third world developing countries is desirable;
  • Past experiences in working with Afghan Government run programme, and capacity building of Afghan local staff will be preferred.

Key Competencies

  • Excellent communication, data analysis and report writing skills
  • Must possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Excellent teamwork and project management skills
  • Must have sound knowledge, skills and experiences in using Microsoft Office applications, Statistical software, photo shop, email, internet, etc
  • Be proficient in English.
  • An understanding of local languages will be an added advantage.
  • Be willing to travel outside of the duty station.

Key Deliverables

  1. Setting up Phase (3-6 months):
  • Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Monitoring Unit finalized and approved including institutional mechanism and structure;
  • Terms of Reference (TOR) for the national staff, TA, Task Force and Core Group;
  • Monitoring Unit set up with qualified staff in place;
  • Task force set up and functional;
  • Core group formed and active;
  • Data need identified with sources in a participatory manner;
  • Data collection, compilation and review to identify data gaps and issues
  • Indicator Tracking System developed with guidelines defining the indicators, calculation methods and formulas; and
  • Core group trained on result-based monitoring and indicator reporting
  • Issue-based study and research need identified;
  • Roster of individual consultants, consulting firms and NGOs prepared for study and research.
  1. Functional Stage (after 6 months and beyond)
  • Monthly, quarterly & bi-annual update of the required data and information as per defined frequency;
  • Data analysis for monthly/quarterly/bi-annual update of indicators in the Indicator Tracking System; 
  • Bi-annual RF & ISR;
  • 3-4 issue based studies and research in one calendar year and reports with findings and recommendations;
  • Refresher training to core group on result-based monitoring and indicator reporting;
  • Contributed to EQUIP Semi-annual Reports with data, information for informed reporting.


The TA will seek guidance necessary from the EQUIP Director/Deputy Director, and communicate and coordinate with the World Bank expert for necessary guidance and support in advanced level data analysis and feedback on reporting.  S/he will maintain liaison with the managers of the MoE relevant departments and Units, and will work closely with and through the senior national monitoring and reporting specialist (Performance Results) and other staff appointed for the Unit. 

S/he will be reportable to the EQUIP Director for the timely deliverables and keep the World Bank team in the loop for the work progress.  The TA will have a work plan prepared with milestone deliverables within specific time framework. 

Submission Guidelines:

Interested candidates should submit their updated resumes to:
Deh Afghanan, Ministry of Education, HRMU, 4th floor first Corridor first office, Kabul, Afghanistan No later than November13th, 2014 candidates who have access to the Internet can send their
Applications to:
You are requested to send your letter of interest along with the updated resume. Please mention post title vacancy number and province in the subject line of your email. THOSE WHO DO NOT FULFILL THE APPLYING REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR SHORTLIST. Only short listed candidates will be contacted with, and called for the interview. The interview dates, time and place will be determined and communicated with the short listed candidates sooner after the deadline of vacancy announcement.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply. 

We uphold values of empowerment, equity and equality, which underpins all of our work.  MINISTRY OF EDUCATION IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER