EQUIP Technical Advisor (International)

TOR of EQUIP Technical Advisor (EQUIP TA) / Strategic Advisor of EQUIP-II

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received financing from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) administered by the World Bank towards the cost of the Education Quality Improvement Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for hiring of an International Technical Advisor for EQUIP.

Government of Afghanistan is committed to improve the quality of the education throughout the country and provide equitable access to quality education for all the children. Ministry of Education has been providing critical support for education for all since 2002 with assistance from the World Bank and other donors.  Ministry of Education (MoE) has gained extensive experience and knowledge on implementing education projects in the country. The achievements made under the Emergency Project and Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP) in a very short time spurred substantial progress in access to education. The Second Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP II) is more comprehensive in terms of coverage and fully aligned with government’s strategy in education.


Organizational Unit                EQUIP-II, Ministry of Education, Government of Afghanistan

Duty Station                           Kabul, Afghanistan

Duration:                               10 months with a possibility of extension



The Project Development Objective of EQUIP II is to increase equitable access to quality basic education especially for girls through school grants, teacher training and strengthened institutional capacity with support from communities and private providers. EQUIP II is the third in a series of programs aimed at improving education quality. The two previous projects were the Emergency Education Rehabilitation Project (EERDP) and EQUIP-I, the latter closed  in 2009.

EERDP piloted school based improvements in 5 provinces (out of a total of 34) using NGOs for building community engagement to encourage children to attend school. EQUIP-I built on the successes of EERDP and extended the program to ten provinces. Under EQUIP-I, infrastructure Grants and School Improvement Grants were provided, in addition to funds for teacher training and curriculum development. There were positive outcomes of these two projects and school enrollment increased substantially.

EQUIP II aims at building upon the positive outcomes of these two projects. The basic intention is to increase coverage to all the other provinces, and invest in human resources for teaching. Funds are also made available for institutional reforms through TA. EQUIP II is supporting the educational sector strategy of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, structured in a way that aims to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDG) education objectives, quality improvement at all levels of the system and increasing competitiveness of tertiary education.

Duties & Responsibilities

The EQUIP Technical Advisor shall be supporting the EQUIP Director in particular and the program team in general and shall be responsible for the following at a minimum:

·         Provide advice and feedback to EQUIP Director on planned activities and implementation progress to ensure quality and coherency of program deliverables and outputs;

·         Provide technical advice to component managers in implementing planned sub-activities and monitoring the project performance, in particular the technical quality of the outputs;

·         Coordinate with the Ministry of Education, World Bank and various stakeholders to facilitate meeting program objectives;

·         Provide strategic policy advice on program components, including social awareness, community mobilization and environmental & social management framework;

·         Provide inputs in the preparation of the Project Implementation Reports, Annual Work Plan, Project Implementation Review and Quarterly Progress Reports for submission to the MoE;

Actively involve in the preparation of relevant knowledge sharing materials (including Technical Publications and Case Studies) providing guidelines and comments;

Scope of work

The Technical Advisor will work closely with the EQUIP Director and project team in coordination with the Ministry of Education, World Bank and various stakeholders towards meeting the following objectives:

Social Awareness and Mobilization

The Advisor shall create social awareness plan and implement mobilization component including developing implementation mechanisms for collaborating with NGOs and other stakeholders.  He/she should also support capacity building of the teams.

Community Mobilization

In Community Mobilization, the Technical Advisor is to support the Program to devise ways to empower communities to address problems and to be involved in ownership and participation and building capacity of people. He/she should also help in developing mechanisms for linkages between schools, communities, and local government and promote community participation and community-based decision making.

Gender mainstreaming

The CTA shall support the Gender and social mobilization component in the program and help in mainstreaming gender issues including, enhancing girls enrollment in schools and larger number of female teachers and their training. He/she should also support Equip office in moving forward on the objective of increasing equitable access to quality basic education especially for girls through school grants, teacher training and strengthened institutional capacity.

Social & Environmental Safeguards:

The TA shall closely work with the program team to develop mechanisms for designing and implementing activities with due consideration of environmental and social issues and mitigating impacts, if any, through the appropriate social and environmental management plan.  He/she shall also provide support in the issues related to land and asset acquisition, entitlements, and compensation and engaging with the communities in the process. In addition, he/she shall develop Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for the program with its implementation mechanisms.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The TA shall assist in the monitoring and evaluation of the EQUIP office. This will include working with the program teams in establishing a practical monitoring and evaluation mechanism that would incorporate lessons learnt in timely fashion to facilitate project improvement and policy making. He/she shall also help in the process of setting up third party evaluations and establishing the oversight implementation mechanisms on key Performance indicators.


The International Technical Advisor is expected to provide the following deliverables at a minimum:

·         Policy advice provided on strategic program issues

·         Regular reports prepared with the aim of improving project implementation;

·         Implementation mechanisms developed for creating social awareness and community mobilization for linkages between schools, communities and local governments;

·         Action plan for capacity improvement and gender mainstreaming developed;

·         Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for the program developed;

·         M&E Plan prepared with framework for tracking and monitoring the goals, objectives and targets of the project;

Required Selection Criteria/Competencies

·         Advanced University/Masters’ Degree in Economics, Public Administration or Education

·         Thorough knowledge on issues related to governance and policy development and must have at least 15 years of relevant working experience in senior managerial capacity in government and/or education sector and dealing with civil society.

·         S/he should possess sufficient experience and skills in institution-building, education, community development programs, including gender mainstreaming.

·         S/he must have experience of implementing World Bank social safeguards and developing social management framework

·         S/he should possess minimum 5 years working experience in a post-conflict environment, preferably Afghanistan.

·         Excellent command of both oral and written English is essential.

·         Working knowledge of MS word, spreadsheets and power point is must

Client: The successful candidate will sign contract with Ministry of Education, Government Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under Second Education Quality Improvement Project of the World Bank.

Submission Guidliness

Interested candidates should submit their updated resumes to:

Deh Afghanan, Ministry of Education, HRMU, 4th floor first Corridor first office, Kabul, Afghanistan

No later than September 14, 2014 candidates who have access to the Internet can send their
Applications to:


And Copy to


You are requested to send your letter of interest along with the updated resume. Please mention post title vacancy number and province in the subject line of your email. THOSE WHO DO NOT FULFILL THE APPLYING REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR SHORTLIST. Only short listed candidates will be contacted with, and called for the interview. The interview dates, time and place will be determined and communicated with the short listed candidates sooner after the deadline of vacancy announcement.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply. 

We uphold values of empowerment, equity and equality, which underpins all of our work.  MINISTRY OF EDUCATION IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER