1. Background

-The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received a grant from the International Development Agency (IDA) for the Afghanistan Second Skills Development Project (ASDPII). The said project aims to increase the potential for employment and higher earnings of graduates from Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) schools and institutes through improvements in the skills delivery system. The said project includes a component on improvement of Teacher Competencies. This component will be specifically directed towards developing an institution, proposed to be called the Technical Teachers’ Training Institute (TTTI), for in-service training of technical teachers. The TTTI will also train Master Trainers who will at a later stage become Faculty of the TTTI. The project is now looking to appoint international Faculty for the training of technical teachers.

2. Summary of the Position

Faculty of TTTI are expected to instruct trainee in-service technical teachers in technical subject areas in theory as well as practical application. It is proposed to train about 750 technical teachers and 60 technical Master trainers within the project period. Programs will run concurrently for 2 batches of 25 teachers each over the project period, excluding separate batches for the Master Trainers. Only Ten Teachers are required.

3. Duties and Responsibilities

1. Faculty will be expected to design training programs in line with what the technical teachers are expected to teach subject-wise. Program design will include both theoretical and practical instruction. Faculty will also design and develop all relevant course/program materials and handouts, and provide proper references for trainees to work on. 

2. Programs shall be designed in a modular manner. It is proposed to have four modules of two months each in pedagogy, subject, and practical instruction, in addition to other relevant areas. Each program shall have at least 44 contact hours, appropriately divided between practical and classroom sessions.

3. Faculty will be expected to encourage and guide trainees in terms of group discussions, group experiments and ways and means of motivating students. These may be done in extra hours. 

4. Faculty shall design special training programs for the Master Trainers including their involvement in teaching programs as Teaching/Training Assistants, and monitor and guide their progress.

5. All instruction shall be in English.
6. Arrive and depart from classes on schedule making use of all class time to maximize the learning experience for TTTI trainees;

7. Spend time outside class with students as necessary to provide additional assistance with material;

8. Provide students with theoretical and practical subject matter;

9. Attend all mandatory meetings of the faculty called by TTTI administration;

10. Participate in committees and in other service activities as required by the TTTI administration.

11. Provide a bi-monthly report to the department head.

12. Any other task as May assigned by TTTI Coordinator;

4.       Qualifications and Experience

The ASDP Project is looking for each field one qualified teacher in following respective fields.

a. Essential criteria:

1. At least a Master degree in Computer Science , ICT,  and any other relevant fields.
2. At least 5 years of demonstrated academic and teaching experience in above mentioned relevant fields; 
3. Good in Communication,;

b. Additional criteria

1. Teamwork: Proven leading and interpersonal skills and ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-agency environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
2. Ability to handle effectively multiple tasks without compromising the quality, team spirit and constructive working relationships with all colleagues.
3. Ability to actively seek and improve services, offer new and different options/initiatives to solve problems/meet client needs, promote and persuade others to consider new ideas.
4. Demonstrated ability to work with, motivate and train Govt. staff; and commitment to perform any other related tasks as may be assigned by a supervisors and other authorities;
5. Time flexibility, the Faculty may require to work overtime or weekends due to needs of the institute and instruction from high authority;

5. Duration of the Assignment:

The assignment will be initially for 12 months, subject to satisfactory performance at the end of the first 3-months probationary period. After 12 months, subject to a complete performance review, availability of funding; and the circumstances of the Ministry of Education prevailing at that time, an extension to the contract may be considered. 

6. Duty Station:

The duty station of this position will be ASDP Office/Deputy Ministry for TVET, Ministry of Education/ Kabul, Afghanistan.