“Technical, professional school should be established in every province, district” Minister of Education

December, 08, 2012
Source: The Kabul Times

Kabul: on the threshold of release world supervision report on “Education For All” a meeting was organized with the participation of Minister of Education and the representative of the UNESCO in Kabul.
Farooq wardak Minister of Education said at this meeting that there are 15700 schools in Afghanistan and there is need that from the 7th to 12 grades a professional subject is taught to the students, so that  after graduation they learn a craft while this does not exit in today`s curriculum. In case this program is realize the youth who do economic problems cannot find ways into the higher education can work in free market and this way meet their family needs.
The minister is asserting this at a time that a great segment of youth in the country is facing joblessness.