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To All Donor representatives

Dear Colleagues,


Re: Cost Effective School Designs

After just over a month of consultation, deliberations and collaboration a multi-agency team of architects and engineers have developed a set of school Design that have taken into consideration cost effectiveness, locally available materials, access for the disabled, safety and the environment. This exercise was launched by the Ministry under my guidance to ensure value for money as well as to facilitate the expansion of access to school in all part of the country in an equitable manner. The designs have been costed using Kabul prices based on carefully prepared bills of quantity. The standard and norms for the different designs take into consideration safety of the buildings against earthquakes.

We request that all donors and implementing partners choose the most appropriate design based on the geographic location, size of school the availability of materials locally and, of course, the budget. Particular attention should be paid to the technical standard and norms specified for earthquake prone areas. The Ministry’s policy guidelines on school construction are attached for your attention.

A full set of the approved drawings and technical specifications are available at the construction department of the ministry, please contact Eng. Mohammad Zia Radyar.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Farooq Wardak
Ministry of Education


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